Finding the right home-based business

How to find the right home-based business for you

Working for yourself can be one of the most rewarding jobs you will ever have. The sense of satisfaction you can gain from knowing the effort you put in, results in the money you make, is unlike any you get working for someone else. You can put in as much time and effort as you want, and to suit your personal and family income needs. Unfortunately, while you might know that you want to work for yourself, knowing what to do can be tricky. Unless you have a highly marketable skill, you will either need to find something you are exceptionally good at, something you are passionate about and willing to learn more about, or something that is readily set up for someone looking to be self-employed to take advantage of. Let’s take a closer look at these. 

Your natural talents 

Everyone has something they’re particularly good at, which may or may not have anything to do with their current job. If it’s unrelated to work, it may be something you do as a hobby that could potentially be turned into a lucrative business. For example, you might be quite good at crafts, woodworking, or décor and, with some effort, the right contacts and good marketing, you could potentially turn this into a side business or even your main income. Learn about your passions  Is there something that really interests you? There are so many things that grab our attention, and so much information available to us, that it’s possible to really learn about just about anything; doing this could also turn out to be a great side job. For example, you might be interested in healthy living and could learn more and get certified as a health coach. Or, you could be fascinated by finances, learn more and become a financial advisor. There’s no shortage of things you can do that also incorporate your interests. 

Taking advantage of a designed set-up 

Working for yourself is great. Doing all your own admin, invoicing and business soliciting is not so great. With just an internet connection and a few minutes of free time, you could easily discover programmes that are already set up to help people work for themselves. Some of these kinds of programmes need people with certain skills, while others just need you to have time on your hands and a willingness to work. These types of set-ups usually have everything built in and you just need to sign up with one that grabs your interest and get working. One of the most popular kinds of businesses that you can get involved in with little effort and little capital outlay is a network marketing-based business. These kinds of businesses usually have a well-known product line or service offering that you can help sell for fairly high returns. The beauty of this system is that you are able to start with people you know, like family and friends, and grow your network effectively from there. From the company’s side they offer you training on how to go about selling their product or service, and ensure there is always a supply of product or service that allows you to simply place orders and your customers get what they need. These companies also process all the orders for you, tallying up how much you’ve sold, what your commission and bonuses are, and if there are any deductions they need to take off. The major advantage of these types of businesses is that you can start off small, supplementing your income, or go big and make it your full-time job, as you see fit.

Getting started with them is also quite simple.

All you need to do is choose a business resonates with you and sign up. You should receive awelcome pack, any product samples, marketing materials and everything else you need to set up your own business from home within a few days. 

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The Art of Getting Referrals: Five Sure-Fire Ways to Get More Referrals

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to market your services? Just serve and help clients all day – it’s why you chose real estate in the first place, right? To help people. But if you’re like most Realtors, you’re likely working your butt off just to get those clients.

So what’s the answer? Referrals – from your current and past clients, family, friends and acquaintances. Imagine what your business would look like if everyone you knew gave you just one good buying or selling referral. Yeah, savor that feeling for a minute.

Run the numbers. Your average client who sticks with you is worth $25,000 if they move three times (first average commission is $5,000; they move in five years, that’s another $10,000 for the buy and sell. Same with the third move, another $10,000.) Then if the client refers two people, suddenly you’re talking $75,000. And that’s without marketing, so add in that savings. Remember this: when you take exceptional care of your clients, they’ll do your marketing for free.

Referrals are where the money is and here are five tips you can start using today to get more:

1. Make your service downright unforgettable. Past clients can’t refer you if they don’t remember you. Help them remember you by giving them memorable service. Take time to brainstorm ways to increase your service. Remember that referrals are earned, not paid for.

2. Cross promote and partner with other businesses. Think about all the local businesses in your city and then ask this question: What can I do to help those local businesses while promoting my business? Think coupons for your clients and leaving your business cards in their stores.

3. Think A.B.A. – Always Be Asking. If you don’t ask, you don’t get referrals. Add a P.S. to your email signature. Something like this: “P.S. If you know anyone thinking of buying or selling real estate, please tell them about ABC Real Estate and hit the reply button and tell us how we can help them!” Also, put some serious thought into your closing gifts. I’ve given Cutco Knives with my name engraved on the blades. Every time they use the knives, they think of me. Give gifts that have a shelf life.

4. Get involved in your community. People are more likely to refer to someone they believe is a good person – someone that gives back to the community. And remember, it’s not your signs all over town that make you a community icon; it’s what you do for your community. Volunteer at retirement centers, help rebuild and paint local parks, serve food at the local soup kitchen, take part in fundraisers and be seen at block parties and street picnics.

5. Show your gratitude when you do get referrals. Thank your referrers for their help, and keep them updated on how the new relationship is going. The referral system is built on strong relationships and shared value.

Share what’s on your mind. How much time are you spending to get referrals? Can you improve your referral numbers

10 Tips For Writing A Profit Producing Ad

1. You can get ad copy ideas by studying similar
product’s advertising material. Collect their sales
letters, classified ads, web ads, e-mail ads, etc.

2. Know exactly what you want your ad copy to
accomplish. It could be to qualify prospects, make
sales, generate leads, attract web traffic, etc.

3. Make a complete list of your product’s benefits
and features. Begin your ad with the most important
benefit either in your headline or first sentence.

4. Make your ad benefits as specific as possible.
Include exact numbers, percentages, times, colors,
smells, sounds, descriptive adjectives, etc.

5. List all the ways your product is different from
your competition’s. Include all the differences in
your ad copy that are better than their product.

6. Use graphics, pictures and drawings of people
actually using your product to solve their problem.
Include a picture that also shows the results.

7. Make a list of your target audience. Write down
what reasons would attract them to purchase your
product. Include those reasons in your ad copy.

8. Include any proven facts in your ad copy. They
could be customer surveys, scientific tests, product
reviews, etc.

9. Tell your audience what kind of support they’ll
get after they buy. It could be free consulting, tech
support, free servicing, etc.

10. Ask people at the end of your copy why they
decided not to buy. This will give you new ideas on
how to produce a more profitable ad copy.

Quote of the Day:

“A desire of knowledge is the natural feeling of mankind;
and every human being whose mind is not debauched will be
willing to give all that he has to get knowledge.” —
Samuel Johnson

How Do You Start Business Opportunities From Home?

If you’re serious about starting a home based business then you’re ready to go now. It does not matter about your age,education, technical skills or qualifications. With the right guidance anyone has the ability to start.

The internet has opened up many opportunities for people to have their own home based business. The high costs of starting a traditional offline business have often stopped new entrepreneurs from getting their business ventures off the ground. But the set up costs for setting up a home business are minimal and there are an almost limitless number of different industries and markets that you can get involved in.

Business Opportunities from Home.

The first step to starting a home based business is to consider what you are knowledgeable about or what particular things interest you. It is going to be much less challenging for you to work on something if you have some knowledge or interest about it.

Once you have an idea of what you want to sell from your home business, ensure that there is an adequate market to buy from you. To make a quick check, enter your product or service name into a search engine. Don’t worry if there are lots of other businesses selling the same thing. The great feature of an online business is that your customers are worldwide, and with some 3 billion people using the internet, that is a huge number of potential customers.

Obviously, not every person who is online is a going to be a customer. You have to know who your target customer will be and why they should buy from your home based business rather than another business.

Your First Steps Online.

When you know what you are going to sell and who you are going to sell it to you have to get your services or products prepared. You can either create your own or sell somebody else’s products and earn a commission on every sale you make.

This business model is called affiliate marketing. It’s a great way to quickly start a home based business as you do not have to create a product, worry about holding stock, setting up payment systems or organize shipping and delivery. There are literally thousands of affiliate marketing programs available for you to find products that suit the market that you want to target.

When you start a home based business, regardless of what market you enter, you have to realize that it is not a route to ‘get rich quick’. It does take time, work and resources to find success. However, the hard work does pay off both financially and with the satisfaction you will feel from building a business that is all yours.

And the Answer Lies With? 4 Key Elements of a Home Based Business

I just received an email from a perspective customer or downline memberop in my personal email account. He had opted in to an online marketing opportunity that I promote . He was curious about making money online, as we all are. His email went something like this: “Do you think your opportunity is really the answer? Just Curious.”

First of all, before I comment or respond to this email, let me put myself in the position of the perspective downline member. The thoughts I consider include the following: I wonder what is going through his mind? What is he looking for? Is he trying to find a way to make a full-time or part-time income from home? Has he been unsuccessful thus far in his attempts? What service can I offer him to change his outlook? Can I change his outlook or even his financial future? Does he have any experience online or is he new to online marketing?

These are all questions I ask when someone approaches or inquires about me becoming their sponsor. You see, a sponsor is much more than a recruiter. I am not involved in recruiting per se. I am involved in sponsoring. What’s the difference you ask?

Sponsor vs Recruiter

In my opinion, a recruiter is someone that attracts inquiries into online marketing opportunities via various online methods such as enticing ads offering to make so much money, offering pie in the sky get rich quick programs or schemes, offering retire in 30 day programs, etc. You get the picture. Now don’t get me wrong here. These advertisments may allow you to achieve exactly what they entail. However, in my experience, the odds of that happening are slim and none.

A sponsor on the other hand, has a responsibility. A responsibility for the success of the newcomer. A responsibility to provide all he or she can in order for that person to achieve whatever it is they seek. When you as a sponsor, accept this responsibility, you separate yourself from those seeking to recruit.

In my opinion, there are 4 key elements to success in your home based business. The 4 elements are discussed below.

1. Is your business simple to understand?

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to figure out how a particular online business operates? What’s more frustrating is trying to figure out how you are going to make money with a business you don’t even understand. My advice is to take the advice of billionaire investor Warren Buffet. He says, and I paraphrase, “If I can’t understand it, I’m not investing in it.” Make sure you understand the business before getting involved.

2. Is your business easy to duplicate?

What’s the point of internet or network marketing if newcomers can’t duplicate the business? Exactly. None. Follow the McDonald’s motto of “One on every corner that anyone can run” and your business will prosper.

3. Does your business have a simple marketing system?

The rule of thumb in any online business is the same as any offline or brick-n-mortar business. KISS. Keep it simple stupid. A simple marketing system should include one with easy to use lead capture pages, autoresponders, sales pages, and products.

4. Does you business have a simple product?

By now, you should be starting to see a pattern here for a successful online marketing business. That’s right. The simpler the better. Make sure your product is simple, cost effective, easy to use, duplicatable, and helps others.

To answer the email above to the question, “Is your business opportunity the answer?”, I would respond by saying this: “Any online marketing opportunity can provide you the vehicle to get you where you want to go. It’s up to you to take it for a drive”.

If your business contains the four elements above, then get behind the wheel and take action. The answer lies with “YOU

The Benefits Of Starting With Ready-Made Money Making Websites

One thing that stops people from trying to make money online is
they do not know how to make a website. In reality this is not
something you even need to know how to do. There are many
benefits you can take advantage of by starting with a ready made
site of your own.

1. For starters let’s talk about how powerful it is to use a
blog as a website. You can have a WordPress blog set up for you
for around $30. If you want more features and plug-ins added to
it you will have to pay a little bit more.

However the nice thing is when you are done you have a fully
functional website that you can add content to without building
web pages yourself. If you can type you can build web pages using
the WordPress blogging platform.

This is a tremendous relief for people who are trying to make
money, but don’t want build their own website. It’s also very
nice as you can customize your site in various ways in the

HTML coding can be intimidating, but not to people who have a
WordPress blog. Plus there are so many features with a blog that
you really can impress your website visitors.

It’s very easy to add graphics for example and make a dull
boring web page come to life. You can do the same thing by
pasting in video codes from You Tube to add videos to your site.

These are all things you can do after your ready made website is
set up for you.

2. Another thing to look at is joining a program that gives you
your own customized pre built website. There are programs on the
Internet that have been around now for several years offering
what I would call a business in a box.

The nice thing is you can have a customized website with your
own domain name set up for very little out-of-pocket expense.
This is important when you do programs such as network marketing
and affiliate marketing.

Many marketers will use the replicated website that comes with
the program they have joined. This is okay, but it’s not the best
way to make money.

The problem primarily lies in the fact that everyone is using
the exact same website in these types of programs. By getting
your own customized website you can differentiate yourself from
your competitors and make yourself stand out more.

These are a few money making website tips as they pertain to the
benefits of starting out with your own ready-made site. This is
definitely the way to go if you do not want to mess with building
your own website.

You can view some popular money making websites here:

SMS Messaging – Is Your Business Using It?

What is SMS messaging? Do you have a cell phone? Over 90% of the population uses them. Have you ever received a text message? Probably. SMS is an acronym, which stands for “short message service”. An SMS message is a text message received on your cell phone.

Unbeknowst to me, my relatively new car was due for its first oil change. What brought that to my attention? The service department of the car dealership where I bought the car sent me a text message. I was very impressed by their marketing skills and immediately went and had my oil change.

SMS messages can be sent phone to phone (landlines excluded) or via computer. Corporate professionals are realizing they can reach a new type of clientele with this form of advertising. Think about it for a second. How often during the day is your head buried into a cell phone? If your like most people, pretty much all day long. In an elementary school, over 50% of the children carry a cell phone.

A New Form of Advertising

The older, traditional methods of advertising including television, radio, and newspaper are now competing with virtual, new age technology. We are definitely in a new age generation. Let’s take a look at some statistics to see how effective SMS messaging can be compared to the competition.

1 – Studies show that text messages are on average are read within 4 minutes of receipt. What an effective response rate. Compare that to online email messaging with an open rate of 1-2%. Which do you think is more effective? Kind of a no-brainer, huh?

2 – Studies show that television and radio advertising receive an approximate 3% response rate. That medium of advertising may be effective in building a brand, but comes with a high cost of doing business. Hopefully the advertiser is providing a much desired, big ticket item to cover the high cost of television and radio advertising.

3 – Low cost of SMS messaging. According to studies, SMS marketing receives an approximate 23% response rate. If you have ever received a text message from an unknown source, chances are you did actually read it before deleting it. The cost of sending out text messages, when compared to newspaper, radio and television is minimal.

What are the benefits of SMS Messaging?

Without questions, the very first and most important benefit is, ‘It’s very personal’. When I received the text message from the car dealer service department, it was as if they were thinking only of me. How much more personal can you get in the advertising world?

Once the potential customer has agreed to receive your SMS message (they have opted in to your marketing list, so to speak), those customers can be targeted for special sales, coupons, upcoming events, promos, etc. This form of communication to your customer is powerful, personal, and gets results. Compare a sale promo sent to a customers cell phone via text message with a radio commercial offering a sale promo. Which do you think will have greater results?

The target marketing via text messaging is pin-point, where the radio blast commercial or the newspaper advertisement is to the masses and not target specific.

Don’t forget the one factor that SMS messaging brings that traditional forms of advertising do not. It’s called FUN. Social networking and marketing can be fun for both parties.

Having your company trained in SMS marketing is highly valuable. This form of communication and advertising is taking the world by storm.

3 Things You Need to Start Working for Yourself

There are so many different reasons to start working for yourself, and not everyone’s is exactly the same, but broadly, these reasons fall into three categories: First, people who want to earn extra income on top of their regular jobs; second, people who are unemployed and are either struggling to find full-time work or prefer not to enter the job market; and third, people who have chosen to leave whatever full-time job they have and be self-employed instead. Whichever of these three categories you fall into, there are three things you will need before you get started to make sure you can make the most of working for yourself. 

1 – A Plan 

You’d be surprised at how many people start trying to work for themselves without any kind of plan. They might have an idea, then immediately start trying to make it happen without any proper planning. They soon realize they are in over their heads and, more often than not, find their great idea is turning into a huge failure. Now, you don’t need to have the next five years mapped out in detail, but take a bit of time to research the work you’re planning on doing, what it takes to market yourself, and all the details of running your own business or sideline gig. If you use a company that gives you the plan, you’re a few steps ahead, because a lot of the planning and admin are taken out of it for you. Make sure you understand the way the company operates, though, so you can maximize your earning potential. Don’t forget, your plan should also include things like what your working hours will be, how many hours you’ll work per day and what critical activities you need to focus on to get the result you are after. We’ll go into what makes a good plan in a future article. 

2 – A Space 

Whatever work you’re going to do, dedicate a space that’s suitable for the work and for you. If all you need is a laptop and somewhere to put it, it does make things a lot easier, but try to find a space that can be used permanently. There’s a good reason for this. Self-discipline is vitally important to being self-employed, whether it’s full-time or in addition to your regular job. It’s so easy to get distracted if you’re not being supervised and when you’re working for yourself, time really is money. One of the ways to instil a sense of discipline is to have a dedicated space for work. Make it clear to family, roommates or other people you share your space with that this is your work area and when you are there, you are not available for leisure activities. It also helps you focus on your work and get into an “I’m working now” mindset. 

3 – The Right Equipment 

For many work from home opportunities, all you need is a laptop or desktop computer, a telephone line and a good internet connection. Make sure that your computer is up to date with the right software, has a big enough hard drive and enough storage space, and isn’t likely to crash on you halfway through an important piece of work. If the work is going to entail spending a lot of time on the phone, look into a call plan that gives you unlimited calls for a fixed fee, or look into telephone alternatives like Skype. Make sure before you start whether making those calls will cost you more than you’re making! As far as your internet connection goes, make sure it’s with a reliable supplier. Whether you’re using something linked to you phoneline, mobile data or satellite internet, it needs to be reliable and affordable. For these and any other equipment to run your home business, take the time to research it. It’s always tempting to buy the cheapest option, but if it’s poorly made, it could let you down at a crucial moment. That doesn’t mean you need to buy the most expensive kind, though – often you’re paying for a name and not quality. Read as many reviews on the product as you can, find out if there’s a way to test it for yourself, and always make sure there’s a good warranty on it. 

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This is How Smart People Make Money

How smart people make their money is actually very cool. Let’s talk about Mark Zuckerberg, my dream avatar. For sure, he worked hard coding Facebook for a few years. After that, he audience he created from it would certainly continue to pay him and his entire staff long after the initial coding was done. Every time we go on Facebook, we help him grow that amount. Jealousy is good when it inspires us to do more. I encourage you to start making money through leveraging other people’s efforts. If you are in a job, this is what the boss is doing with you. The average employee contributes three times their cost to profits. Just imagine earning three times as much (or more) for the same amount of effort (or less).

Owning Your Own Business May Not Be A Business at All

A real business makes you money without you having to trade your time for it. But You need to provide value, so you need to have something working for you. It could be people or other assets. When I sell merchandise through my eBay shop, look at everything working for me.

  • The workers in the factory that make the merchandise
  • The servers that host my website
  • The programmers that wrote and maintain the eBay system 
  • The people that deliver the merchandise to my customers

My customers pay all those people on behalf of me. The profits are mine to keep. Now that is leverage in action!

This is not a dream. It is for real!

I have a friend who is a web designer. He was working for somebody selling websites, and the boss was making more money than him. One day he became tired of the arrangement and branched out on his own. My friend the web designer was soon busy all day long making websites for customers he found on social media. But he still was not earning nearly as much as much money as his ex-boss made. My friend had changed his employer, not the way he was making money. He was doing the same job.

A Business is Making Money Using Leverage Instead of Your Time.

The people at the Ikea furniture company are really smart. They sell furniture kits and expect their customers to assemble them. The customers hardly notice because they don’t see the value of assembly. When you buy furniture from Ikea you become their unpaid employee for a few hours. No wonder Ikea made such a profit. If my friend was smart, he would create WordPress templates. The customers would be happy to pay 50% of the cost of a complete website because they could make it the way they wanted. He could easily sell two or three flat-packs a day while leveraging the efforts of his customers. In other words he could create the template once and sell it over and over. As his fame spread, he could appoint agents to handle his orders and gain even more leverage.

Let’s Take this Business Idea to the Obvious Next Level

This is where you and I enter the frame. We could become my friend’s agents and make 10% from every sale we introduce. That way, we would have my friend working for us, although he probably would not see it that way. There are hundreds of thousands of similar opportunities out there. The opportunities to make money from what other people do are almost endless. The smartest way to do this is promoting a product or service online.

Would you like to know about a business that gives amazing leverage – without you needing technical skills at all.

Start Making Money The Smart Way.

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How To Get Website Traffic Instantly

Generating traffic to your website, landing pages and squeeze pages is the lifeblood of any online business. If you have no traffic, you will have difficulty generating revenue and building an online business of your own. If your online business is to succeed you have to know how to get website traffic

When it comes to generating traffic to your website, there are two main routes to take. You can use free marketing methods or paid marketing methods. When you buy traffic, it delivers the results but the traffic stops as soon as you stop paying. That’s why you have to know what you are buying.

Pay Per Click.

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is one of the most recognized types of advertising on online today. It generally provides excellent traffic and only requires payment when your advertisement is clicked and viewed. Facebook advertising provides a highly targeted way to reach your potential customers with this method of advertising.

Online Banner Advertising.

Online banners are rectangular advertisements which appear on websites. Their objective is to encourage a viewer to click on the banner and then be taken to the advertiser’s website or squeeze page. To maximize the effectiveness of your banner advertising, ensure your ads are well placed on relevant websites which are visited by people who are interested in the products and services you are offering.

Solo Ads.

Solo ads are when your message is emailed by a solo ad vendor to an agreed number of people who have an interest in your product or service. Your email is sent on its own, without any other messages or advertising, hence the name solo ad. Your solo ad will contain a link to your website or squeeze page and the solo ad vendor will usually guarantee that the link will receive a certain number of unique clicks.

Ezine Advertising.

An ezine is an online newsletter or magazine that is sent via email to readers who are interested in the subject matter. Sometimes, it makes more sense to buy an advertisement in a smaller, more targeted ezine which will get you better results and cost you less.

Pay Per View (PPV).

This is online advertising advertising model based on ad impressions that are actually seen by a user. Ads are generally seen as pop-ups that show up on the computer screens of users. There are a variety of networks you can use to place PPV campaigns such as AdOn, Lead Impact and Traffic Vance.