How To Use Twitter To Boost Your Online Home Business

Twitter might be short on content but it can make a big impact on your online home business. Twitter is one of the top 10 most visited internet sites, with over 284 million monthly active users sending more than 500 million Tweets per day.

Why Use Twitter For Your Online Home Business?

Twitter is an online social networking website and microblogging service that allows users to post and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as ‘Tweets’. A Tweet is an expression of a moment or idea. It can contain text, photos, and videos.

Although Twitter only gives you 140 characters to work with, that’s plenty of room to post a concise sentence and include a link to your online home business. You can build you list by Tweeting a link to your squeeze page with a note about the free report that you are giving away or to your latest blog post that also includes your opt-in form.

To get started building a subscriber base on Twitter, set up an account with an image, ideally your photo. Don’t stick with the default egg graphic. You can also create a layout for your background design that includes your online home business website address and insert a direct hyperlink in your bio section.

Getting Started On Twitter.

You can start following people in your niche when you’re all set up. Follow a mixture of potential customers for your online home business and your competition as you want to interact with both. Generally, when you follow someone, they will follow you back.

When you start sending Tweets, look for hashtags that you can use in your niche. People use the hashtag symbol at the front of a relevant keyword or phrase in their Tweet so that they can show up in a Twitter search. When you click on a hashtagged word it shows you all other Tweets marked with that keyword. Don’t over use hashtag. Nobody likes to see a Tweet filled with a few words and loads of hashtags.

Build Relationships.

Don’t use Twitter for your online home business as a medium just to send out product offers. Engage in conversations with your audience by offering advice, motivation and your experiences. If people like your Tweets, they’ll click on your name to learn more about you. When they see what your online home based business is all about, that’s when they’ll sign up for your list to get your free report.

Twitter is a great viral hot spot for your online home business. Your followers can easily send out your Tweets to their followers by Retweeting what you’ve posted. You can also give people rewards for sharing your info on Twitter. You can use a system like to enable people to download a report of yours in exchange for Tweeting it!

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