How We Use Leverage to Earn More Money With The Same Effort

Show me anybody with a serious income and I will show you that they have people working for them to achieve it. They get leverage from their efforts by earning a piece from the effort of others. If we have a number of people working for us, this can add up quickly. There are two types of people working on the planet. Firstly, there are the employers, and secondly the people working for them. Employers leverage the effort of others. Workers work very hard but have a limit to what they earn because there is a limit to the number of hours they have in a day. The only way to increase your earning potential is to find a smart way to start earning from the effort of others. Otherwise you will always be limited by your most precious resource, time. Not to mention, if you want to earn a lot of money for your family it will be at the expense of the time you get to share with them.

True Leverage is Where Everyone Has the Same Amount to Gain

In a previous post, I shared that it is possible to bypass setup costs of starting a business and move into making sales the moment we start. This is much how selling real estate works. The product already exists, you simply help facilitate the transaction. However soon real estate agents realize the only way to leverage from the effort of others is to become a broker. This means I can train agents to work under me and for training them I get a percentage of everything they sell.

That sounds smart to me.

Here is the problem with this model. When the agent that I trained realizes that to get to the next level they too need to earn leveraged income through agents of their own. This is when the agent we trained breaks away from us and becomes a broker. Now not only did I lose a great agent earning me income but now I have a competitor that I trained. “True Leverage is Where Everyone Has the Same Amount to Gain by Working Together”

Comparing Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing: Which is Best?

In that previous post I raised your awareness of affiliate marketing. This is where we market someone else’s product, merchandise, or service without having to contribute to their setup costs. We also do not have to pay their warehousing, delivery, or bad debt either. We simply cruise along by making 10%, 20%, or even 30% from referrals.

Let’s it one step further, and look at network marketing.

Network Marketing is a Billion Dollar Industry

Electronics and robotics are going to take away our jobs as surely as fracking and green power are closing down coal mining as we speak. An increasing number of people are already working at home on their computers. The smart way is finding ways to leverage off the efforts not just your efforts but the efforts of others.

With Network Marketing not only do you get to earn commission from the sales you make but you earn commission from the agents you train. Much like a broker in the real estate model. Here is the big difference. Once you train an agent in network marketing they have no reason to leave you to become a broker, because everyone you train has the same opportunity you have and they start as a broker. So they have no reason to leave and become your competitor. In fact, the Network Marketing business model takes it a step further by not only continuing to give you a percentage of profit from your brokers but also from all the sales their agents make as well.This is true leverage with the opportunity to accumulate a staggering amount of people working for you who all have the same amount to gain by working together.

Your own efforts can only get you so far because you only have so many hours in a day, but when you earn a small piece from hundreds of people working under you, your earning potential becomes limitless because you are no longer limited by the number of hours you can physically work in a day.

This is a fair, ethical, and honest business where everybody has an equal opportunity. The supplier sells more products, and puts more money into the economy, the people you help to get started gain financial freedom and you get rewarded for each of their sales because you helped get them started.

It’s no wonder network marketing is growing as fast as it is.

Don’t you think it is time for you to take a look a what we have?

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