Easy Ways Of Speeding Up Your Website Instantly

Many clients wonder why their website is slow and why it gets slower every couple of months. We often assist clients in determining issues with their website and sometimes even need to convince them that it is not related to their hosting service. It’s like having a great car but a lousy chauffeur. No matter how good the car maybe and how fast it could go, if the chauffeur is not competent, the high-end car is worthless. In the same way, no matter how fast your hosting server is, if you do not have a well coded and well designed website, your website is bound to open with a crawl. This article helps draw the attention of website owners to the various things that can be done to speed up their website to make it more SEO friendly.

Clean Code

The most important thing you need to do to improve your website’s load time is the clean and simple programming. There are some programmers who can obtain special effects on a page with 50 lines of code. There are better programmers who can achieve the same thing in 20 lines of code. This is dependent on the skills and experience of the programmer and the logical thought process. Even Search Engines want to serve up clean and quick content to their website visitors. They don’t want to inflict upon their visitors a slow and cluttered website. The short solution is to Keep It Simple.

Onsite resources

When linking to images or other media that we like from an external website, we often prefer to load the image or music or video by embedding the other persons link in our own page. This is also known as hot-linking. Earlier, some webmasters used to do this to save on their own websites bandwidth usage by causing the image to load from another person’s website and using up their bandwidth.

CDN and Content Caching

A CDN is a content distribution network, which distributes a mirror copy of your website across their global network of servers. When a visitor requests a page from your website, instead of contacting your web hosting server, it contacts the server closest to the visitor, which has a mirror copy of the website. This greatly reduces the time taken to access the page and serves up the content at lightning speed. From time to time, the cache of your website, which is mirrored on the CDN servers is updated. This means that any changes that you make on your website will not be updated across the CDN instantly and your visitors will see a delay in the fresh content. However, you may choose to cache only the static parts of your website which do not change very often, but the dynamic parts of the website can be called from your web hosting server directly.

You can also use page caching techniques to make your pages load faster by creating a temporary storage of the content on the users computer. This may cause a delay in displaying fresh content, but you can tweak the cache to only store the static pages to serve up faster.

Minimize Plugins and Frills

A major cause of your website slowing down is 3rd party plugins. We all want to connect with our audience on social media, but you should avoid using third party plugins for social networking. Some of these plugins pull statistics and display information from the plugin creator’s website, which may lead your website to become slow. While your page loads, the information is constantly requested from the plugin makers website, which causes your page to remain waiting till the data is transferred from there. A slow plugin may cause your visitors to see the page loading indication in their browser and may also cause other parts of your page or other plugins to remain in the queue. This can drastically reduce the speed of your website pages. To avoid this situation, it is best to remove slow plugins and constantly monitor the page load speed accordingly.


Some compression tools which are inbuilt on your web server allow you to compress each request before sending it to your visitor’s computer. When a visitor requests a webpage from your website, the server will zip up the page content and send the compressed information to the users browser. The visitors browser will then decompress the data and unzip the file for display. This reduces the size of the data being transferred, leading to a reduction in speed and also a reduction in data transfer usage. Compression takes up a bit of processing power on the visitor’s machine and on the server, but the CPU usage is so negligible that it is worth the resources to increase the speed of the website loading.



8 Criteria to Consider Before Selecting an Autoresponder

Depending on the type of business you operate, the thought of having to answer numerous email inquiries can be a nightmare.  However, there’s no doubt if you want to run a professional and successful internet business you need to include email marketing as part of your strategy.  There is tons of competition these days so its important to keep your business name in front of your prospective customer.

One way to do this is with auto-responder service.  Using an auto-responder is a very time efficient and cost effective way of communicating with prospects, customers and clients using pre-written messages.

Auto-responder messages can be used for a variety of purposes such as providing as response as quickly as possible, to answer the same inquiries and FAQ’s, supply product information, provide price quotations, or to send out regular newsletters and friendly greetings.

There are two different types of messages.  The first are automated and set up to be always dispatched in the same systematic order.  These messages will always be accessed in the same order and time scale regardless of when a customer submits their contact details.

The second are known as “broadcasts” and these are live messages used to relay time sensitive information.  As these messages can  be set up, changed and delayed at will, and even designated to be sent out at a certain time of day, they really are intelligent programming.

Many companies provide email marketing or auto-responder services but there are certain criteria you need to consider before deciding which would be best for your business.  These include the following:

1.  Reliable deliverability.  First and foremost, what is most important is the reliability and what pecentage of deliverability of your email messages and newsletters are passing through the numerous spam filters.  The major email providers these days (gmail, hotmail, aol, yahoo, etc) are cracking down on spam email. 

2.  Tracking and segmentation.  Does your email marketing company provide any type of tracking data, and can your lists be segmented?  Without tracking data, you are unable to determine the effectiveness of your emails, newsletters, offers, etc, and whether your prospect, customer or client is actually receiving and/or opening your email.  Being able to segment your different lists is also a big time saver.

3. Unlimited marketing campaigns with multiple lists.  Are you allowed unlimited marketing campaigns and allowed to setupp multiple lists within those campaigns?  If you are not allowed unlimited marketing campaigns the cost can be rather significant.

4.  Additional charges depending on your list.  You need to be aware that as the size of your list or the number of subscribers on your list grows, are their additional charges that  apply.  For example, if your list grows from 5,000 to 10,000 to 20,000 and so on, will your email marketing company charge you a higher monthly fee?

5.  Import contacts.  Can you import contact details from other sources or from other autoresponders is very important as well.

6.  Customer support.  Is there a 24/7 customer support staff available to answer your questions and handle any problems that may occur.

7.  Broadcast messages.  Can you send broadcast messages to more than one list and be selective about which list to include.

8.  Ease of use.  Is the system easy to use?  This is very important as most business owners aer concentrating on running a business and may not be so tech savvy.

Using an auto-responder effectively and efficiency will greatly enhance your business.  Taking the time to consider the 8 criteria above may save you an unexpected huge monthly tab or business headache.



When You Give, You Shall Receive

You can increase your marketing exposure effortlessly by
placing your ad on free stuff, then allow other people to
give it away. The more people that give away your free
stuff the more your ad will be seen.

Most free stuff can be created easily and without little or
no expense. Electronic freebies are perfect because with
these types of freebies there’s no shipping or physical
material costs.

Below are some popular types of electronic freebies.

Free e-Coupons/e-Gift Certificates-Give your visitors free
electronic coupons and gift certificates for your products
or services.

Free e-Books-Give your visitors a free electronic book.
The e-book should be related to your web site theme.

Free e-Reports-Give your visitors free electronic reports.
The reports could be in autoresponder form or in text

Free e-Courses-Give your visitors a free electronic courses.
They could e-mail your follow-up autoresponder and be
sent a lesson each day.

Free Software-Give your visitors free software. It could
be a game or a useful utility. Just have them download it
right from your web site.

Free Online Services/Utilities-Give your visitors free online
services or utilities. They should be ready to use right from
your web site.

In conclusion, when you use this marketing strategy it will
quickly spread your advertising all over the internet.

Quote of the Day:

“It’s just as easy to be happy with a lot of money as with
a little.” — Marvin Traub



3 Easy Ways To Bring In Website Visitors For Free

Free website traffic is not actually free in the sense that you have done nothing for it. Although you have not paid any money to anyone, the website traffic will have cost you an element of time and effort to get results. Here are 3 easy ways to increase website traffic without it costing you any money.

Search Engine Traffic.

The websites that continuously increase their website traffic are the ones that regularly produce high quality content. Search engines give preference to websites that are regularly updated with new content. The organic, or natural, search results which are listed on the search engines results show up because of their relevance to the search terms to your online business. If you focus your attention on creating high quality content it will improve your results in the search engines.

Partnering With Websites That Are Related To Yours.

Another great way to get website traffic free is to partner with other websites in your marketplace. Let’s say your website is about golf. You could offer to write free content for websites that provide golf equipment and accessories . All you ask for in return is a link back to your website.

Next, you might partner with other golf experts and create a joint video series on how to improve your game. Or you could even do a video series where you interview experts on various elements of the game, like putting, pitching or driving.

You could create a free ebook on how to ‘How To Putt Like A Pro’ that you can give to other golf websites to give away for free. Obviously, the ebook will have your name on it, with a link back to your website.

Writing A Blogg.

A blog is a website or web page where you write information, facts or opinions on a regular basis for a specific target audience. You can build an online audience by publishing information regularly for people who are interested in what you have to say. If you write an interesting blog it will help to generate free website traffic because readers will keep coming back to the blog to read updates. They will also pass the information onto to their friends and colleagues in the industry.



And the Answer Lies With? 4 Key Elements of a Home Based Business

I just received an email from a perspective customer or downline memberop in my personal email account. He had opted in to an online marketing opportunity that I promote . He was curious about making money online, as we all are. His email went something like this: “Do you think your opportunity is really the answer? Just Curious.”

First of all, before I comment or respond to this email, let me put myself in the position of the perspective downline member. The thoughts I consider include the following: I wonder what is going through his mind? What is he looking for? Is he trying to find a way to make a full-time or part-time income from home? Has he been unsuccessful thus far in his attempts? What service can I offer him to change his outlook? Can I change his outlook or even his financial future? Does he have any experience online or is he new to online marketing?

These are all questions I ask when someone approaches or inquires about me becoming their sponsor. You see, a sponsor is much more than a recruiter. I am not involved in recruiting per se. I am involved in sponsoring. What’s the difference you ask?

Sponsor vs Recruiter

In my opinion, a recruiter is someone that attracts inquiries into online marketing opportunities via various online methods such as enticing ads offering to make so much money, offering pie in the sky get rich quick programs or schemes, offering retire in 30 day programs, etc. You get the picture. Now don’t get me wrong here. These advertisments may allow you to achieve exactly what they entail. However, in my experience, the odds of that happening are slim and none.

A sponsor on the other hand, has a responsibility. A responsibility for the success of the newcomer. A responsibility to provide all he or she can in order for that person to achieve whatever it is they seek. When you as a sponsor, accept this responsibility, you separate yourself from those seeking to recruit.

In my opinion, there are 4 key elements to success in your home based business. The 4 elements are discussed below.

1. Is your business simple to understand?

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to figure out how a particular online business operates? What’s more frustrating is trying to figure out how you are going to make money with a business you don’t even understand. My advice is to take the advice of billionaire investor Warren Buffet. He says, and I paraphrase, “If I can’t understand it, I’m not investing in it.” Make sure you understand the business before getting involved.

2. Is your business easy to duplicate?

What’s the point of internet or network marketing if newcomers can’t duplicate the business? Exactly. None. Follow the McDonald’s motto of “One on every corner that anyone can run” and your business will prosper.

3. Does your business have a simple marketing system?

The rule of thumb in any online business is the same as any offline or brick-n-mortar business. KISS. Keep it simple stupid. A simple marketing system should include one with easy to use lead capture pages, autoresponders, sales pages, and products.

4. Does you business have a simple product?

By now, you should be starting to see a pattern here for a successful online marketing business. That’s right. The simpler the better. Make sure your product is simple, cost effective, easy to use, duplicatable, and helps others.

To answer the email above to the question, “Is your business opportunity the answer?”, I would respond by saying this: “Any online marketing opportunity can provide you the vehicle to get you where you want to go. It’s up to you to take it for a drive”.

If your business contains the four elements above, then get behind the wheel and take action. The answer lies with “YOU”.



Are You Setting the Right Goals For Your Work From Home Business?

There is a lot more to an online home business that just a website and the hope that somebody may buy something from you. Your main objective might be to make money or allow yourself more time at home but if you don’t know what you will do with that money or time you cannot put any mark on whether you are achieving any success. To make sure that your online home business achieves what you want it to achieve, take a moment to answer these 5 questions.

1. Do You Have Specific And Realistic Goals?

You have to make sure that your online home business goals are realistic and specific. You may want to make millions in a couple of months but that is not realistic. When you have set a realistic goal, you will need to work backwards to create a plan of action so that you can achieve that goal.

2. Have You Made A Plan That Will Work?

Once you create the schedule for yourself to reach each goal that you’ve set, you need to truly consider how representative it is of reality. Let’s say your goal is to send an email 3 times a week to your subscriber base that are useful and valuable to them. But, if you haven’t set aside the time needed to research, write and send the 3 emails you won’t achieve your objective because there will always be something else to do.

3. Are You Willing To Learn From Failure?

Setting up and running a work from home business will have its ups and downs. If you are not willing to learn from the mistakes you make, you will be more inclined to give up. Learn from the failure and change the schedule to be more realistic and achievable.

4 .Do You Have Too Many Goals?

Just as setting too few goals for your online home business can be a problem, so can setting too many. If you set too many goals at once, you might get overwhelmed and achieve none. You can add more goals as time goes on. You don’t need to do know how to do everything today.

5. Do Your Goals Include Everything?

If your goals just focus on your work from home business and nothing else it will effect other areas of your life. Don’t forget why you started a home business in the first place. If it was to spend to more time at home with your family, don’t ignore your family in the process of making your business a success. If you create a highly profitable online home business but your personal life suffers, then no matter how successful it is, you will not feel successful.



Are Directory Listings Worth It? A Look At Yahoo, DMOZ And More

One of the most common tactics of the erstwhile “SEO experts” was directory submissions i.e. submitting your website and description to various websites which categorized or classified them based on region, category or interest. Numerous software has been sold which does nothing more that submitting your website to various online directories. Then came online directory submission services which did not require any downloads or install. Each service would boast about how many more directories they could post to. The game was of numbers, not of the quality given to an end user who is browsing those directories. We take a look at what the status of web directories are how directories are fading into the sunset.


The Yahoo Directory shut down in December 2014, after a successful 20 years of being around. Yahoo’s Directory service was a paid service which listed businesses after a thorough review by Yahoo Editors. Yahoo started its business as a Directory and held much of the market share until the concept of Google came about. The sudden closure of Yahoo’s Directory bring up more questions in the mind of SEO professionals about whether Directory submissions still work, even if premium directories filter out spam entries. The answer is that directories probably do not work any longer, which is why there are just a couple of reputed directory services available online.


It’s said that the best things in life are free. DMOZ is also a free directory, which is part of the open directory project. It is one of the most difficult directories to get listed in, especially due to its extremely stringent and also very vague guidelines. Over the years, DMOZ’s credibility has reduced, mainly due to invalid links and no concrete action on dead links, expired domain names or businesses that have wound up. DMOZ’s directory is moderated by volunteers from around the world. Even the volunteer picking process is very stringent and not at all predictable. However, till date DMOZ remains one of the most sought after directory service, which every webmaster wishes to be listed on. Many webmaster’s have given up on resubmitting websites once they have been rejected. The most common grouse about submitting a website is that the approval guidelines are very vague and there is lack of clarity in the process.

Best of the Web

Best of the Web is one of the few directory services which has been around for a while and is still going strong. Or atleast it seems so. BOTW has a list of paid editors who scan through fresh submissions and sift them according to their quality. Spammy content is removed and the list is constantly kept clean. The price that BOTW charges is $150 per submission. While this may sound steep, most other directories also charge this much. A newbie webmaster maybe quite put off by the pricing, especially because the value of the link is not easily quantifiable when compared to PPC / CPC advertising. But veteran SEO experts claim that the money is worth it and that it is a small price to pay for being listed in a PR 7 directory. However, many do not realise that all the pages will not have PR 7.

From the way things have been trending, it appears that Search Engines will no longer take directories very seriously and will give very little weightage to such links. This means that people who are visiting the directory are likely to find your services, but in the open market it maybe tough to be spotted. Although directories of repute can aid search engines in picking out relevant content, but then stricter and more transparent guidelines are needed.


20 Techniques for Website Explosion

Does your website need more action?  More activity?  More traffic?  More interaction?  Listed below are 20 techniques you can implement to increase your website traffic.  Over time you will see drastic increases in website activity.

1 – Build your list.

This is absolutely the most crucial.  It is fundamental to your online business.  Using e-books, free reports, free gifts, free pdf downloads, etc. you must have a list.  Your list is your ultimate tool for online success.  Be creative here.  Offer coupons, discounts, special promos, whatever is necessary to build your list.  Remember, you have to provide great value in exchange for an email address.

2 – Create a Newsletter.

You must stay in touch with your website visitors.  Whatever niche you are in, provide something of ‘value’ to your subscribers.  It’s imperative to stay in touch.

3 – Build you own website.

Build a separate website designed to attract visitors, not for direct sales.  Once again, we are attempting here to build a list, not make a sale.  Keep it simple here, nothing fancy.

4 – Create an affiliate program.

An affiliate program is where total ‘explosion’ can occur.  It’s kinda like not having only one person driving your product or ‘free gift’ but thousands.  Make sure the affiliate program is geared toward offering a great benefit to the affiliate.  There has to be a huge incentive in order for the affiliate to promote your product.  You can get started at Clickbank, Amazon, Ebay, etc.

5 – Have a niche product with limited availability.

If you have a product with 100,000 units available there is no urgency.  Keep your product availability very limited, targeted and focused.  The less there are available, the more demand you create.  Use plain common sense here.

6 – Develop a unique selling perspective (USP).

In other words, why does your business separate itself from others?  What makes your product or service more desirable?  Here’s an example of a great USP that turned around a struggling pizza franchise.  Do you recognize this, “Delivered Hot and Fresh in 30 Minutes or Less…OR IT’S FREE”?  That’s right Domino’s Pizza.

7 – Sell Content (Not Products).

You are simply building a relationship with your potential customer.  Know, like and trust comes before the sale.  Provide quality content first.

8 – Offer an oppurtunity for customer to purchase on every page of your website.

The thought here is to provide some type of offer on the thank you page when your new subscriber signs up to your offer, newsletter, etc.

9 – Make sure you automate.

Automation is simply using your autoresponder to provide pre-written messages at pre-determined dates and times to your list.

10 – Market Yourself as an Expert.

Your customers may like your  product, but they buy from you.  If they don’t know, like and trust you, it doesn’t really matter about the product.

11 – Add a signature file to your email.

This is probably the easiest, free way to steadily grow your business.  We all send several emails daily and obviously that person already knows you.  Provide your email reciipient an opportunity to do business with you.

12 – Use Powerful Headlines and Descriptions.

Your headlines and descriptions can make or break your sales.  Simply do a google search for “Words That Sell” and use those.

13 – Devote 30 Minutes per day to your business.

Most internet marketers I know spend a lot more than 30 minutes per day on their business.  However, if you work a 9 to 5 currently, 30 minutes per day is necessary.  Be consistent.

14 – Get on all guru’s newsletter.

Sign up for all newsletters and free gifts, offers, etc.  Your internet education is priceless.  Get on the newsletter of the big guru’s and do what they do.  You can learn from them.

15 – Create a suggestion box for customer feedback.

You can improve your website, offer, product by getting feedback from your customers.  Find out the ins and outs of what you have to offer.

16 – Offer contests and freebies.

When you offer some type of contest with a free prize, you are creating activity and interaction on your site.  Make sure your prize offers real value.  Ask yourself, “Would I want to win that prize”? If not, offer something your would like to win.

17 – Use Creative pop-ups and exit windows.

Statistics show that pop-ups and exit windows increase your sales by 10-20%.  Be selective here and avoid overuse of pop-ups.  They can be a nuisance if misused.

18 – Use article marketing.

Providing quality content via articles creates quality backlinks to your site and increases your search engine rankings.  If you can’t write, hire someone to do it.  (Fiverr.com, vwriter.com, etc.)  There are free article directories and paid submission sites (submityourarticle.com).

19 – Have fun.

Running an online business can be very demanding.  Have fun with it.  With a long-term approach your business will grow over time. Make sure you are having fun.

20 – Build a List.



Some Heart and Body Natural Products

Black Seed Extract
3,000mg thymoquinone

Black Seed (Nigella Sativa) is a traditional herb that has been used for centuries to promote health and general well-being.
Also known as Black Cumin, Black Caraway, or the “Blessed Seed”, Black Seed has a rich and diverse chemical composition containing the phytochemicals thymoquinone and crystalline nigellone, antioxidants, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, and minerals like calcium, iron, and potassium.
Since 1959, over 500 peer-reviewed studies at international universities and untold journal articles have been published on this multi-faceted herb, and many of Black Seed’s components are still being discovered and researched.
Millions of people in Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Africa have used Black Seed for thousands of years to support the body with a variety of concerns like respiratory health, stomach and intestinal complaints, circulatory and immune system support, and skin conditions.
Black Seed may support metabolism and improve digestion, and published studies have shown that it may have a healthy effect on blood sugar levels.


fair trade arabica coffee

Approximately 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed around the world every day, with about two-thirds of the people in the U.S.A. drinking at least one cup per day.
Coffee is a part of so many people’s everyday lives, making it a natural, easy way to explore the many potential benefits of full spectrum hemp derivative.
Now you can RISE and shine every day with our premium, 100% organic, fair trade Arabica Coffee from Brazil with a rich, smooth flavor with natural low acidity.
RISE delivers 25mg of water-soluble cannabinoids in every cup.
Rise’s formula infuses nanoemulsified hemp extract into premium ground Arabica beans, before they’re brewed, resulting in a more consistent measurement of full spectrum hemp
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7 servings with 175mg total CBD
30 servings with 750mg total CBD

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Balance Her
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It’s believed that nearly 90% of women and 10% of men will suffer from cellulite at some point in their lives. Cellulite creates unsightly, dimpled skin, and is one of the hardest types of fat to lose.
Tone Smoothing & Firming Cream is a lightweight, non-greasy formula in a luxurious lotion base that includes Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Powder, Hemp Seed Oil for its incredible moisturizing properties, antioxidant-rich Black Seed Oil that contains both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, and essential oils known to be helpful in reducing the appearance of unsightly cellulite. Perfect for daily use after your shower or bath.
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Balance Natural Essentials Cream For Him is a lightweight, non-greasy formula in a luxurious lotion base that includes Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Powder, Hemp Seed Oil for its incredible moisturizing properties, antioxidant-rich Black Seed Oil that contains both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, and essential oils known to have properties that support hormone balance gently and naturally. Perfect for daily use after your shower or bath.
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100mg CBD Smoothing & Firming Cream

It’s believed that nearly 90% of women and 10% of men will suffer from cellulite at some point in their lives. Cellulite creates unsightly, dimpled skin, and is one of the hardest types of fat to lose.
Tone Smoothing & Firming Cream is a lightweight, non-greasy formula in a luxurious lotion base that includes Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Powder, Hemp Seed Oil for its incredible moisturizing properties, antioxidant-rich Black Seed Oil that contains both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, and essential oils known to be helpful in reducing the appearance of unsightly cellulite. Perfect for daily use after your shower or bath.
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Nigella Sativa & Frankincense
4 easy steps

Used for centuries throughout the world, both Nigella Sativa (Black Seed) and Frankincense have long been revered for their anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.
Believed to be the legendary beauty secret of goddesses like Cleopatra and Nefertiti, Black Seed can be a powerful tool in the fight against acne, clogged pores, and inflammation. It can effectively fill fine lines and wrinkles while fading dark spots and discoloration.
When used topically and cosmetically, the astrigent and cytophylactic qualities of Frankincense help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin imperfections like discoloration while stimulating new cell growth. It can help disinfect and tighten the pores, thereby promoting smoother, more youthful looking skin.
Our Nigella Sativa & Frankincense Skincare line will leave your skin soft, supple, and glowing. Show your skin some love today!
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How To Start Internet Business The Easy Way

The most straightforward way to start an online business is to sell products or services that have already been created and have resources and materials ready for you to use. Every time you sell the product the product owner will pay you a commission. This business model, known as affiliate marketing, is how many successful internet entrepreneurs started their own online home business. So how does it work?

Starting An Online Business The Easy Way.

All good affiliate programs have a wide range of resources to help you start an online business and sell products online. This can include banner advertisements, suggested keywords, a report to give away for free, and pre-written articles, blog posts and email messages.

Your primary task is to get prospective customers to click on your affiliate link that will take them to the product sales page or, ideally, to a squeeze page where you offer them a free report (provided by the product owner) on the subject of your product in return for their name and email address. When you have their email address you’ll be able to market to them after the initial sale. If you only direct traffic to the sales page and the prospect does not buy anything you have lost all contact with that customer.

To get traffic to your squeeze page you can use strategies such as pay per click advertising, written content on article directories, classified advertisements, banner adverts, blog posts and video marketing.

How To Do Online Business.

When you start an online business, very few people will buy from you the first time that they see your message, so you need to create a sales funnel. A sales funnel is the process that starts from the time when your potential customer clicks on your link to the time when they actually buy.

Your sales funnel starts with you driving traffic to your squeeze page using one of the strategies mentioned above. Your potential customer lands on your squeeze page and enters their email address on the page list to get the free report, that was provided by the product owner. They receive the free report, followed by a sequence of emails about the product, again written for you by the product owner. These emails will all include a link to the product sales page. Once the prospective customer has read all the benefits they will be more likely click on the link in your email and buy the product from you.

That’s why the number one rule when you start an online business is to build a list of potential customers. It means that you can send follow-up emails to your potential customers about your products and services at anytime, for free. To do this you will need an autorepsonder. An autoresponder can obtain, manage and organize your email list of customers, something that is almost impossible to do manually with an online home business.