Using Autoresponder Ratios To Improve Your Love Life

What are the two things every woman wants?  Okay, not that.  How about your time and your money.  Every woman, spouse, partner, lover, etc. wants more of your time and more of your money.  How can your autoresponder help you provide more of your time and money and improve your love life?

If you are an internet or network marketer or trying to make money online, it’s virtually impossible without an autoresponder.  After all, can you answer each and every email inquiry, on a timely basis, regarding your business?  I think not.  This would be way too overwhelming and not good time management.

Time Management using Autoresponders

If you are an internet marketer  you may suffer from withdrawals when you’re away from your laptop or your computer.  Trying to run an internet business and carry on a relationship to an unsupporting spouse or partner can be devastating.  Most people will put down or degrade what they don’t understand.  If you are in this predicament, relax.  There is a solution.  It’s called effective use of your time using your autoresponder. 

If you are relatively new to the internet marketing world, don’t fret.  Using an autoresponder is actually fairly easy, can be fun,  and is your most important internet marketing tool, in my opinion.  Your autoresponder is simply your tool to handle your email marketing.  It can be preloaded with pre-written messages sent out immediately or at set times and dates to respond to your business inquiries and provide timely information to potential customers.

If your autoresponder is handling your email then that leaves more time for your spouse or partner on a Friday or Saturday night.  While your out with your loved one, make sure your autoresponder is equipped to track the following 3 very important ratios.

1.  Open Rate. 

I would suggest  you keep your email marketing campaigns relatively simple.  Your autoresponder should be setup with at least 30-60 days of pre-recorded, time sensitive content messages to handle your email marketing campaign.  For every email that your autoresponder sends, it should be able to track how many of the emails were actually opened (open rate).

The open rate ratio is simply the number of emails sent divided by the number of emails opened.  If your ratio is relatively low (1-2%), then you know where to focus your attention.  A low open rate, to me, would mean a poor or non-attention grabbing subject line.  Look for ways to improve your headlines to get more of your emails opened.

2.  Opt-in Rate.

Your opt-in rate is simply the number of emails sent divided by the number of email recipients that opted in (provided email address) to your offer.  If you pay attention to your open rate in 1 above, the very first thing someone has to do before opting in is actually opening your email.  Then, provided your offer is intriguing, they will provide their email address.  The key here is to provide an ‘irresistible offer’ or something that will benefit your recipient. 

Try to put yourself in their position if you were receiving that email.  Would your offer benefit you?  Would you provide your email address in exchange for your offer? 

3.  Conversion Rate.

Your conversion rate is where the rubber meets the road.  Your conversion rate is why you are involved in internet marketing in the first place.  Your conversion rate is the sale.  The number of emails sent divided by the number of sales.  This ratio is the lifeblood of your business.  A low conversion rate will tell me that my product needs improving, or my sales page needs tweaking, or my price/value is not appropriate. 

Using the number of conversions or sales combined with the number of opt-ins and emails actually opened can be very enlightening as well.

Using these three ration in your business will help you become more efficent with your time, money and love life.

5 Things That Nobody Told You About Starting An Internet Business

Although many entrepreneurs enjoy success with their online business there are also a number who fail. One of the main reasons why people fail online is that they jump in head first thinking that it is an quick way to get rich. Here are 5 factors about setting up an internet business that you may not know.

1. You Need To Work Hard.

Starting an online business and turning it into a success does require time, effort and resources. It is a real business and if you treat it like a hobby, it will become a very costly and frustrating one. Be prepared to work hard to achieve your goals. It involves a lot more than pushing a couple of buttons on your laptop or computer for a few minutes each day.

2. It Takes Time To Get Results.

People who want to make loads of money as quickly as possible are normally the ones who get discouraged and give up when things don’t go their way. Developing a solid online reputation, getting your website noticed by the search engine and building a customer base generally takes a lot longer than people expect.

3. Some Folks Will Tell You You’re Wasting Your Time.

You will come across people who are cynical about setting up an internet business. They choose to ignore the fact that the internet is a flourishing business environment and that it is possible to generate a legitimate income online. Don’t let less people undermine your efforts. Become a member of an online community of similar entrepreneurs for your business advice and support.

4. You’ll Most Likely Have Information Overload At Some Point.

When starting an online business there can seem to be a never ending set of tasks to do. Once your website is set up, you have to find the right products and the right customers to buy them. There is a whole range of free and paid marketing strategies that you can use and sometimes it can become mind-boggling and you can have a total information overload. Take one step at a time, become proficient at one thing then move onto the next. You do not have to do everything at once.

5. Everything Will Not always Go To Plan.

You must never expect everything to be easy and recognize that sometimes things don’t go according to plan on the first try. But don’t look at these problems as failure. Look at them as a learning process. You now realize what went wrong so that you can avoid it happening again in the future. Every entrepreneur faces set backs at one stage or another with their online business and you have to be willing to accept these unexpected challenges as part of your ongoing business venture.

Don’t Rely On Social Security For Your Retirement Security

Many people today think of Social Security as the foundation of their retirement security – considering it to be a major source of their retirement income. And for many retirees, it is. According to U.S. News & World Report, in 2009, Social Security accounted for 38% of the total income for those 65 and older – and represented their largest source of retirement income.

It’s been widely reported that, with a high number of retiring baby boomers and a low number of workers in the field force, changes to Social Security will be needed. Potential changes may include:

a reduction in payable benefits;

an increase in the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax; and/or

an extension of the full retirement age for future retirees.

The Social Security Administration has projected that, without any changes, by 2037, the Social Security Trust Fund will be able to pay only about 78 cents for each dollar of scheduled benefits, as estimated based on the intermediate assumptions from the Social Security Trustees’ Annual Report to Congress.

Keep Social Security in Perspective

Social Security was never intended to be your sole source of retirement income. For 2012, the maximum monthly Social Security benefit for a 65-year-old retiree is $2,310 or $27,720 per year. This would be your benefit only if your wages had been over the maximum amount taxable under FICA since the age of 22. For 2012, the maximum amount of income on which workers in the U.S. pay FICA tax is $110,100.

As you can see from these numbers, you’ll also need other sources of income – such as personal savings, investments, pensions or retirement accounts – when you retire.

Create Your Plan Today for a More Financially Secure Tomorrow

While it’s likely – but of course, not certain – that a Social Security benefit will be available when you retire, it’s hard to know what your benefit will look like. So, understanding how Social Security works and visiting the Social Security Administration website ( to estimate your future benefits are good first steps in planning for retirement.

But there are other important steps you can take to help yourself prepare financially for the future. These include:

Participating in an employer-sponsored retirement plan (such as a 401(k) plan) and contributing as much of your salary to it as you can.

Using other retirement accounts – like an individual retirement arrangement (IRA) or Roth IRA – for further retirement savings and tax benefits.

Developing a diversified investment strategy.

Purchasing financial products (such as annuities) that can provide guaranteed payments for life.

Working with a financial professional to fully explore your options for developing your plan for retirement.

Annuities – Creating Your Source of Guaranteed Income

8 Benefits Of Helping An Online Business Newbie

Do your remember when you first ventured out in the
online business world? You probably had questions
and problems along the way. Wouldn’t it have been
easier if you had help? When a newbie asks for your
advice, educate them; answer their questions and help
them solve their online business problems. If you do
not have the knowledge to help them out, point them
in the right direction.

You’ll get many benefits from helping online business
newbies. Below are eight possible benefits you could

1. You will feel good knowing that you had a part in
helping them build their business. You can sit back
and say “I had a part in their success.”

2. They may become one of your best friends. Most
people can use new friends, even business owners.
You may even become business partners and create
a totally new business together.

3. You could end up being strategic business allies
in the future. You could regularly do joint venture
and cross promotion deals with each other.

4. They may help you out with your business. Maybe
they will give you some testimonials or endorsements
for your products or services.

5. You might gain some valuable referrals from them.
They may also join your affiliate program and make
sales for your business.

6. They might offer you some free advertising space
on their web site or in their e-zine for your help. You
could also exchange advertising with them.

7. You both could end up developing a new product
or service together. The product or service could be
a combination of your current ones.

8. They might purchase the products you sell and
become one of your best customers. You could sell
them many back end products or services in the

There are probably many other benefits you could get
from helping a new online business owner. Always
remember to help them out because it’s the nice thing
to do and not just to benefit your own business.

Quote of the Day:

“Only the educated are free.” — Epicetus

Staying One Step Ahead Of The Competition

There is a catch-22 that comes when running a small business in today’s ultra-competitive market. Businesses need to change their marketing strategy on a continual basis these days, because the marketing strategy for businesses constantly seems to be changing. In the past, a business could make one decision that was effective for years to come; now that decision may be outdated by the end of the month. The best way for any business to stay on top of their marketing game is to work with a search engine optimization company.

 Unlike other marketing plans, search engine optimization stays current because it adapts to the changes that are happening on the internet. The key to a successful SEO campaign is keyword management: finding the right words and phrases that bring in the results a company is looking for. The success comes from recognizing which words are working the best, when new words start to appear more commonly and, most importantly, when organic keywords are discovered that work best not just for a type of business, but for the specific client the SEO company has been hired by.

 What makes this the best direction for a business to go in, especially a small business trying to get on its feet against larger more established competition, is that search engines continue to be the most popular way people have exploring for a new business in their area. In a world where Google has become a verb and seeing an actual copy of the Yellow Pages is something of an anachronism, the search engine has become a small business’s new best friend.

 But to make it work successfully they have to know how to handle it properly, and this is where an expert search engine optimization company comes in handy. They have the resources and time to constantly update the important keywords for their client, they have the staff trained to create the proper marketing materials as well as to update and redesign the client’s website, and they even have the expertise to think outside the traditional parameters a person might think to use to describe their own business. Best of all, while they are doing all of this, the business owner can concentrate on what he or she does best, and that is running their business.

  Marketing strategies come and go pretty quickly these days. As smartphones and tablets become an even more interconnected part of our everyday lives, it is imperative that a small business uses them to their advantage. By hiring a search engine optimization company to handle their SEO needs and create marketing design, they can help stay exactly where they want to be at all times: one step ahead of the competition.

How to Setup a Residual Income Business From Home

Setting up a home based business with several income streams can be quite intimidating at first. But, after a short learning curve, it’s fairly simple.

What is a residual income stream? A residual income stream is nothing more than a downline you have created that duplicates your business and/or business tools that provides you a monthly recurring income. This is the essence of network marketing. On the other hand, if you are simply providing or selling a product to the masses this would be considered internet marketing. A lot of opportunities provide both internet and network marketing within the same system.

The easiest way to setup your residual income business is as an affiliate. An affiliate is simply selling someone else’s product and earning a commission. I have outlined the simple steps below.

Step 1. Join some type of network marketing business as an affiliate. The very first step to creating your residual income business is to join some existing online network marketing business. Back in the pre-internet era, you would have the typical hotel conference room meetings where you would join and bring others to join and grow your business. Times have changed. These days there are countless online network marketing programs you can become involved with. Before you get involved, make sure you do your homework and the program you choose is appealing to you and your comfortable with the team, staff and people you will be working with.

Within almost every network marketing program there are monthly fees that you have to pay. This is how the recurring residual income is created and is perpetual. You pay your monthly fee, of which your upline gets a commission, bonus, etc. What I look for in a network marketing company includes who are the founders (owners), pay plan, how long in business, business plan, product, investment, support and training. The income stream can vary within the program as most programs have various upgrades with higher monthly fees.

Step 2. Setup your autoresponder. In order to get your message out to the masses, you need an autoresponder. Some network marketing programs come with built-in autoresponders and turn-key websites to make it easier for the newcomer. If your program does not have a built-in autoresponder there are several great autoresponder companies to choose from (aweber, constant contact, mailchimp, getresponse, gvo, etc.).

When setting up your autoresponder please watch all the video tutorials provided. It is important to personalize your pre-written messages that go out to potential recruits as you grow your business. Some of the better network marketing companies will provide pre-written messages for you to grow your business.

Another income stream here is the monthly fee associated with the autoresponder account. These fees can range anywhere from $15 monthly to $450 and up monthly depending on the size of your list. Your list is simply the number of prospects that have opted in to your opportunity. Your autoresponder then provides follow-up messages to that list (statistics say most opportunity seekers look at an offer 7 times before joining).

Step 3. Traffic & Advertising. In order to grow your business you need traffic. There is paid traffic and free traffic. A lot of the paid traffic sources also have an income stream your earn residual income from. As others join you and your business, they will copy your program and you will earn recurring monthly income as well. The income streams for traffic and advertising can vary depending on the newcomer. If they want to grow fast, generally the will have more paid traffic.

Simply following these 3 steps can setup your residual income business fairly quickly. As your continue to promote, your business will continue to grow and your residual income will grow as well.

7 Tips To Avoid Failure In Online Affiliate Marketing

Online affiliate marketing is like being a commission paid sales person. Your job is to promote and sell other people’s products or services online and you earn a commission from the product owner when a customer buys from you. It is one of the easiest ways to start your own internet business but here are 7 key tips to avoid failure in the affiliate marketing business.

1. Sell Products That Interest You

You will find your affiliate marketing business much easier to manage and work on if you sell products or services that genuinely interest you. An affiliate marketer who has an interest in what they’re promoting will have more in common with their target audience and will be more prepared to put in the work to make their business successful.

2. Choose Your Affiliate Programs Carefully.

When you start an affiliate website, there are so many different products and services available to sell, it is difficult to know where to begin. Before you choose a product to sell via an affiliate program, be sure to check how much commission you can earn, what support you get from the product owner, how you get paid and what proof there is that the product actually sells.

3. Always Build A Customer List.

One of the key elements to success in the affiliate marketing business comes from continually building a list of prospective customers. This list is the names and email addresses of people who have voluntarily given you their permission to send them emails about your products and services.

4. Have More Than One Revenue Stream.

Don’t just rely on selling one product at one price. You will have more success if you provide customers with several alternatives rather than just one. Ideally, your affiliate marketing business should have a good mix of related products that provide 3 types of revenue streams, basic one-off direct sales income, recurring income, and high ticket income.

5. Learn How To Generate Traffic.

Successful online affiliate marketing is the result of driving targeted customer traffic to your sales pages and website. There are many ways to drive and generate traffic and you need find the perfect traffic strategy to use with your within your niche to attract your prospects.

6. Build Relationships.

You need to think of your affiliate marketing business as something that ‘tells’ rather than ‘sells’. In this way you will build trust and respect from your customers and they will be more inclined to buy from you.

7. Be Prepared To Learn From Others.

Get involved with instructional webinars and courses from industry experts and put aside a budget to invest in understanding more about the affiliate marketing business. This will help you to avoid the online stumbling blocks and accelerate your journey to success.

Why Are Website Templates Preferred Over Custom Web Design?

Template based website systems are overtaking the requirement for a custom made personalized website. Even web designers are constantly finding ways in which to package their products and manufacture them in bulk. But what are the reasons for people buying template based websites and avoiding custom built websites? This articles aims to highlight the major factors which influence the purchase of a template based website design over a customized one.

Turn Around Time

The crux of setting up a new website is having it up and running quickly. The main objective is to put the website out and keep improving it. Most design firms take ages to put out the first version of a website. They have lengthy procedures and sometimes have long and cumbersome processes to be followed before any work can be made live. This often leads to delays and long timelines, which cause disinterest in the client and also demotivate the design team. This is remedied by ready made template based options which allow a certain level of customization to personalize the template for the clients business.

Seeing Is Believing

Just like ready made clothes, templates allow you to see a live working of the website and allow you to preview and simulate the website’s functioning before you actually purchase it. This means that you can see a fully functional sample website with dummy text and images and actually visualize how it would suit your website design. While tailor-made clothes will definitely fit you better, there is always a time-lag and also a risk of the tailor getting it wrong.


A ready made website will definitely work out cheaper than a custom made one, especially due to its re-usability and lack of personal touch. This maybe very crucial for a business which is newly launched and wants to atleast have a placeholder website to show to customers. This is also a crucial factor in determining the long term goal of the website and how you would like to keep evolving your online strategy.


A very major factor in deciding your design option is whom you are dealing with. Many designers consider themselves to be at par with Picasso and Michelangelo. This means that you may have a tough time in getting them to do things in a time-bound or disciplined way. Almost all design firms that we have dealt with have overshot their promised timeline and taken more than double the time to do the work correctly. While a bit of creativity should be left to the discretion of the design studio, it should also be clearly agreed that time is of essence and that a delay in work can be costly. Some businesses have taken years on end just to get the first glimpse of their website live. By that time their funds were drained and they had lost a considerable amount of revenue from online sources. On the other hand, templates allow you to go to any designer or coder to alter the design. Some websites even offer their own customization service. The bottom line being that your design source is
with you and you are not locked into the services of a particular firm of developers.

Although a template can hardly be tweaked to suit your corporate branding, you can make a lot of changes to make it look more personalized. Just like you can get a readymade shirt altered to suit your size, you can get a ready website also tweaked and twisted to give it a better look. It may look clumsy and a bit out of place, it may even look very cliche and standard, but for the price it is definitely a good deal.

Google Tools That Every Website Owner Can Benefit From

Google is a word synonymous with the internet. It is almost as if you cannot start your internet journey without Google. Being out of sync with the trends from Google will prevent you in being successful online. This article discusses a few free tools which you can use to help Google better understand your business and website.

Google Webmaster Tools

This tool is a must for every webmaster, as it tells you Google’s perspective of your website and website visitors. Webmaster Tools is like a communication portal where you can customize and tweak certain aspects of your site, so that Google can understand it better. The Search Engine’s aim is to serve up relevant results to its viewers and searchers. This means that it must understand what every site has to offer and try and link it up to what the users need. GWT allows you to set certain important information for your website, so that the relevant aspects of it are highlighted in Google Searches. One of the options that you can set in GWT is what is the target country for your website. Selecting a specific country will prioritize your website in searches from that country, also taking into account the preferences of the person searching. You can also indicate old and broken links and direct Google to new pages which have replaced them. This tool also allows you to update your
sitemap on Google, allowing you to know when it was updated and how many links Google has indexed from it.

Local Business Listing

Google offers a Local business listing for your website which will allow you to put in all the important details of your business, so that when someone searches for your business or a place in your locality, Google will also show them your business. When someone searches for your locality in Google Maps, all the local businesses in that area, including yours will show up. Additionally, when someone searches your exact business name or address in Google, on the side a map and details of your business will appear, if you have set them in the local business listing. Google allows you to put in information like your shop or office timings, what payment methods you accept and also the facilities that you offer.

Google Ads

Whether you want to host ads on your website or you want to place ads on other people’s websites, Google’s Ad products will help your business. The Google Adsense product will allow you to earn revenue from your website, by allowing Google to place ads on your blog or website. These third party ads will allow you to earn money per click or everytime the ad is displayed to your visitors. You can do the same by subscribing to Google’s Adwords service, which allows you to place your ads on several related or relevant websites, without involving yourself in the intricacies of negotiating a deal or handling payments.

Google Analytics

Another highly recommended tool for every professional website is Google Analytics. Like the name suggests, it provides in depth website metrics which will allow you to determine how traffic is being channelized to your website, what is the feedback of your visitors, what are the popular sections of your website and how visitors are browsing your website pages. For a small or medium website it may not be very critical to track these features, but an ecommerce website has to have an in depth view of how and where the visitors are being drawn to their content. Analytics can provide a direct revenue increase in the amount of sales that a website is successfully able to churn from its shopping flow.

Google Alerts

Another useful tool provided by Google is the Alerts feature. Google Alerts will allow you to setup an alert for specific trigger keywords or key phrases which will allow you to monitor websites which are indexed by Google. Upon coming across those words or phrases, Google will send you an email and notify you of those search results. This tool can be especially useful for online reputation or brand management.

5 Skills You Need To Learn For Your Online Home Based Business

An online home business allows you to be own boss and manage your business any way you want. But there are a number of skills you to master to help your results and make your business more profitable.

1. List Building.

List building is most likely the most important component to developing a sustainable online home business. This list building process is about obtaining email addresses of potential customers and putting them into a database. Generally, a prospective customer needs to see your message 7 times before they are inclined to make a decision to purchase from you. Email marketing provides a cost effective and proven tactic to communicate with your customers.

2. Respect And Reputation.

Customers like to deal with and buy from people that they respect. If you set out to sell anything to anybody in the quickest possible time, your work from home online business will not be around for long. If you would not send an email to personal friend, then don’t send it to your list. In the same way, if you would not buy a product that you are trying to sell, don’t expect the people on your list to buy it.

3. Product Choice.

You can sell products created by other people or you can sell products that you have created yourself. In either case, you need to make certain that what your marketing promises that the product will deliver, is really what is provided. It only takes one poor product to damage your reputation. Verify every product or service carefully before you promote it and stay away from products that promise outlandish results in return for little or no effort.

4. Providing Value.

Think of your online home business as ‘telling’ rather than ‘selling’. If you are always trying to sell to your audience, they will start to tune out. But if you provide useful information, video tutorials, reviews, etc to your audience, they will come to see you as an authority in your niche. People who trust your opinions and knowledge will be more prepared to buy from you.

5. Automation and Outsourcing.

Often when starting an online home business your budget is limited and you try to do everything yourself. But at your business develops, you will need to invest in software that can do jobs for you automatically and look at tasks that you can outsource to others so that you can spend more time working tasks that generate profit. Software such as an email autoreponder is an absolute necessity for your email marketing. Another example could be that you’re spending hours trying to create graphics, which you could easily outsource for a minimal cost on freelance websites like Elance and oDesk.